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God, I could have visited that site, whichever it was." "I know. But I won't apologize for what I do." "Do you need the money or something? "I could get a part time job if you want me to." "This has nothing to do with money," she insisted. "Oh, so it's just...that's your thing..." "Something like that," she sighed. That's when couples would roleplay on cam for users to see. Whatever people like." She smiled at her son's slip up. "There are tons of stories written by young men about it. "This is horrible." "There are three reasons why I want you to join me," she said firmly. "Young men like yourself visit a variety of different porn sites these days. You have all his best qualities, without any of his negatives. The enthusiasm in the room grew when users pointed out that she was listed under the incest theme as well. None of these moves came natural to her, as she wasn't much of a dancer, or a show person.

My love life is non-existent because of my job." "I understand. Hear me out." "Mom, I didn't say anything." She nodded. Please don't comment yet, it's just a fancy name." "I didn't say a word, even though that's a very strange name to appear on a webcam site." "It's for fake incest. Totally irrelevant." "I know it's a common fantasy," she tried reassuring. I'm not proud of doing that, but it just happened." "Masturbation doesn't just happen." "Oh god," he sighed in embarrassment. All of them ecstatic that they'd finally get to see her sucking on a real cock, instead of a sex toy. Despite being a rigid lawyer for her day job, Maureen did have a few moves.

Things like that." "It's common these days." Maureen nodded. I shouldn't go into further detail, but you get the idea." "That makes sense. " "I bet." "I'm glad we've been able to clear this up," she said. He seemed way too familiar with it, which shouldn't have come as a surprise. Worse, had Jack ever swung by her chatroom by coincidence? These thoughts swirled through her mind as she daydreamed. *** By the time it was dinner, Maureen had already planned out her entire speech, much like she'd present a case to a judge or jury.

To make things easier, she poured herself some wine for additional courage. Nevertheless, she was relieved that he had never visited the site which she broadcasted her cam. Spare us the awkwardness and let's get to the point." "Fine. Make your decision once I've explained everything to you. On this special night, all of you get to witness this." The online reaction was immense.

But I refuse to feel like I'm somehow a slut or whore." Jack immediately backed down. I never thought you were any of those things." "I'm only telling you this because I don't want you thinking any less of me. So I want to make myself clear so there won't be any lingering thoughts on your mind. I eventually agreed, and I found it enthralling." Jack nodded, mesmerized by the erotic story of his mother. More thoughts swirled through her mind when she saw something eye-catching being advertised. She had decided that the best approach was to be straightforward, in gradual paces. You mentioned how you were familiar with these sorts of sites. " He sighed, "I don't think we should..." "Answer me," she replied, cutting him off. Besides, it's not like I'm in a position to judge." After a moment of skepticism and hesitation, Jack listed two webcam sites that he claimed he sometimes browsed, though Maureen was certain that he visited them more often than he was willing to admit. This will be the first time that I've ever touched him in a sexual way.

Also on her mind was the fact that her son viewed cam sites too.

It still boggled her mind knowing how many people had seen her naked and masturbating on cam.

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