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I will never joke about someone who is meticulous being OCD again. Finding Perfect is a very necessary addition to every school library. She's a popular girl in school who gets good grades. I loved this book, and I felt so bad for Molly, who slowly falls deeper and deeper into counting by 4s, washing her hands, organizing her bedroom, and worrying about her healthy younger brother dying of some freak accident or disease. Molly is a believable heroine, as are her parents, siblings, and friends.Her mother moved to Canada and doesn't seem to be coming back. I felt angry at both of them for their laser-focus on their careers, but at the same time, I know many parents would miss Molly's problems. She doesn't like that she does these things, but she can't seem to stop.

The falls are a popular spot with both tourists and locals alike, and it is easy to see why.

Tumalo Creek is the perfect place to explore and enjoy the sun.

The Deschutes Historical Museum explores the past of Deschutes Country with a focus on Native American tribal history, early exploration and fur trapping, homesteading the High Desert, logging and Forest Service history, and life throughout Deschutes Country over the years.

Surrounded by giant ponderosa pines and the biggest juniper forest in the West, Bend is a little jewel of a town in Oregon that many people discover and feel as though they cannot leave.

Shadowed by snowcapped Cascade Mountains, this former ranching and logging town is now a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Bring the kids to see a new baby porcupine, the 1904 Miller Family Ranch, or some fierce birds of prey at the Donald M. They are all part of the High Desert Museum, a unique nature preserve set on 135 forested acres on the outskirts of Bend.

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