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If the following instructions don't work for you, check out the full installation guide.Make sure you have Vim 7.4.1578 with Python 2 or Python 3 support.If the offered completions are not relevant enough, the user can continue typing to further filter out unwanted completions.A critical thing to notice is that the completion filtering is NOT based on the input being a string prefix of the completion (but that works too). After the filter, a complicated sorting system ranks the completion strings so that the most relevant ones rise to the top of the menu (so you usually need to press TAB just once).Remember: YCM is a plugin with a compiled component. If you DO care about semantic support for C-family languages, then your flag.If you update YCM using Vundle and the ycm_core library APIs have changed (happens rarely), YCM will notify you to recompile it. NOTE: We STRONGLY recommend AGAINST use of the system libclang instead of the upstream compiled binaries. Save yourself the hassle and use the upstream pre-built libclang.If the user doesn't find the completion suggestions relevant and/or just wants to type, they can do so; the completion engine will not interfere.When the user sees a useful completion string being offered, they press the TAB key to accept it. Repeated presses of the TAB key cycle through the offered completions.

As Clang compiles your file and detects warnings or errors, they will be presented in various ways.

First, realize that no keyboard shortcuts had to be pressed to get the list of completion candidates at any point in the demo.

The user just types and the suggestions pop up by themselves.

You don't need to save your file or press any keyboard shortcut to trigger this, it "just happens" in the background.

In essence, YCM obsoletes the following Vim plugins because it has all of their features plus extra: Features vary by file type, so make sure to check out the file type feature summary and the full list of completer subcommands to find out what's available for your favourite languages. Remember: YCM is a plugin with a compiled component.

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Ubuntu 16.04 and later have a Vim that's recent enough.

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