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*wink* Care labels: Care labels (washing instructions) became mandatory in the US in 1971 (and that’s when the little symbols came along too).Prior to this, laundering instructions and care tips, if given, were often on paper hangtags, in booklets, etc.By now, I can pretty much just “heft and eyeball” a garment and deduce the age.Visually, period style details tell me most of what I want to know, both in terms of the age of the item and what I want to wear.Lea emailed for some help on identifying the age of a very pretty “fit for a princess” vintage lingerie set.

No title using words that we could find felt like an appropriate summation of the album.This time, we built a “home” studio, and began all of the songs there.Whenever we had a group of 3-4 songs that we were excited about, we would go to a “proper” recording studio and finish recording them there.On 7, we decided to follow whatever came naturally.As a result, there are some songs with no guitar, and some without keyboard.

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