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t pay immediately- Claiming to be lawyers, the scammers say they are with the ? said Steve J- Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois- ?

" - nothing and then hang up Continuously receive calls from someone named Helen- I returned the cd as soon as it arrived and also emailed and called them to cancel whatever it was they were charging me for- I am now reporting them to the BBB- They do not leave me alone- After reading all these complaints, I am just going to hang up on them when they call- Thank you for opening my eyes before I was intimidated into paying Ditto I think it has a delay in the person calling and the actual call because it is working my nerves and when i wait it hangs up i call back they say there are many businesses in that office who called im like lady no voicemail how do i know These idiots just called me on Sunday-, about my Chase Master Card- This all started when I went into my bank and they talked me into upgrading to a Chase Freedom- The very next day Chase had sold my information to these telemarketing A-holes and the calls began- I gave Chase a piece of my mind and so should you I keep getting phone calls from this # and i never answer and they never leave a voicemail I am wondering how is my phone # getting to them?She says sorry I can't tell you- I say, Who are you?She says, I can't tell you that sir- I hang upsame, Agent Garcia, Trying to locate a relative of mine,ended up on an answering machine of a friend that hasn't spoken to this relative for about years- Stating that they were trying to give a summons for a court appearance for fraudulent check writing- Called the number back and and it was a message for ACS company- This is a crazy- This company needs to be stopped- They can make someone worry for nothing- There are more things that we need to worry about Call came in at :pm and when I answered, they said that my recent Air Miles purchase had awarded me towards my next trip and to push ``` for more information- When I did that, all I got was a busy signal Text me says "do you like to Eat" i says "have you read my name" says "do you like to get paid" i think yea i do like the moneys- Get paid to eat- I like my name and dont want to change it to Really Fat Alberto Everything regarding the company Zenonsoft is fake-The address on their website is: Columbus Drive, Jersey City, -This address does NOT exist-Their phone number is , and - Both are voip numbers from overseas-This owner name Sam Parker is also fakethis guy found an ad for my car on craigslist and said that he was on an oil rig and wanted to ship the car to his dad in england- who buys a cheap car off craigslist and ships it to england?? Then he hung up- I googled the number and came up with this site- Thank you for all the info, I will not be answering if he calls back My number is on the Do Not Call List- I have only ever had a cell phone for many years now and have always had my number on that list to prevent telemarketers and such from calling- The thing about the Do Not Call list though is that debt collectors are not prohibited from calling and if scammers get your number, they are not blocked because they are not actually a telemarketer,they are "debt collectors"- You can report them under the Fair Debt Collection Practices law but the best thing you can do is just ignore them and if it is possible for your phone carrier to block them, do it- If you ignore them, don't hit ignore but let it ring to voice mail or they will call right back, eventually they will stop calling- That doesn't mean they won't sell your information off to someone else with a different number- I have Sprint and you can go to your account online and block voice calls under your preferences- I went from getting literally or more calls a day from various scammers to getting - a day- Still annoying but much better than before- My advice too is that if you do answer the phone, A- Do not give them any personal information- Chances are they don't have it and if they are a legit company they will only ask you to verify the last digits of your social, not the whole thing- B- As frustrating as it is, don't get angry with them- It only encourages them to call you more just to drive you insane- These people are scammers, messing with people's minds is what they do- C- If they start calling you at work, like they did with me, simply remind them that it is illegal for them to attempt to collect any debt at a place of business and tell them they need to stop calling or they will be reported under the Fair Debt Collection Practices laws- I told the last one that and I have not received any calls at work since- It is all a huge inconvenience and sad that this is what people have come to- Technology is great but the better technology gets, the easier it is for scammers to access personal information and try and screw you out of your hard earned money because they want to be handed everything for free- Just remember, nothing is private information anymore- Be leary of what you post and say on the internet- Just because you delete something, doesn't mean it was really deleted- Also avoid searching for things like bad credit loans or payday loans online- That is where the majority of these scammers get your info from- If you need a payday loan that badly, stick to the local stores in your neighborhood- They aren't any more expensive and they are % confidential and won't sell your information just to make a quick buck They call every time in the morning and evening, or their number is off a street on Pond Hill Rd in Millington, NJ- The carrier is Telcove, LLC, NJ- This isn't right,they call and call and,if their is technoligy to pinpoint the caller,please offer up the information- I don't know if they're screening to see time and day when someone is home????Trace mobile phone number caller name address details for mobile phone number series 9173610.The mobile phone tracker has traced 9173610 operator and location.

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I have had to block each and every number they use to date!

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