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he's dropping hints that he doesn't want her to do certain adventures and blaming her lack of self esteem (which HE eroded) to be the reason - this is because HE can do no wrong and waiting for HER to break up with him (but she's still addicted).thankfully, she still confides much to my husband...Now she's quit school and has put her dreams on hold. ) causes her to overlook what everyone around her sees.Knowing that saying something would just drive her closer to him I tried to hold it in but I just couldn't - I flat out don't like the guy.if there's anyone out there can offer advice on how we can expedite this breakup ... forever grateful Help I am a mom and love our daughter who is 20 and in college but lives at home still due to this economy.She has been dating a marine off and on and my husband and I really feel he is using her for benefits and because he spends all his money and we provide meals and he will stay over from time to time. He tells her things like he still wants to marry her,etc.

I have taken to calling him a loser , I wish she could see she deserves better,but they are in advice out there for me? Has a horrible appearance and gang tatoos everywhere.When you can see it coming but nothing you say will change it, how does one get the wolf to leave??? hes someones baby too..because hes different than her doesnt mean hes bad for her. She is in college and cannot keep her grades up for chasing after him.my boyfriend was failing all his classes and had a million issues, but he was so sweet to me. I forbade her to let him drive the new jeep I bought for her to use for school and her part time job.You folks are right..more I say about him the more she wants him. I apoligized to my parents because I really think that parents can see better than anyone who is good for your child.My whole family loves my husband now and while I do regret dating the loser, I know that no matter what my parents said I wouldn't dump him, it was like I was ina trance, as wierd as that sounds.

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