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Keith Pompey has been with our sports team since September 2004.

He took over the Sixers beat in the summer of 2013 after covering Temple basketball and football for the previous three years.

This is your place to talk everything from Phillies, Eagles, Sixers and Flyers to the latest gossip news and even cheesesteaks.But don't expect the same suspension of custom for your fancy Valentine's dinner. Again, there's no restriction specified by the Roman Catholic Church, Chau says, and married couples are not denied from "expressing love in a sexual way," he says.Eating a steak, pork or chicken dinner on Valentine's Day directly conflicts with the traditions of Ash Wednesday, which call for only one meal per day that doesn't contain meat. (Sex outside of marriage, however, is a separate issue.) "There are no special rules for sexual activity designated for Ash Wednesday," says Thomas Humphries, an associate professor of philosophy, theology and religion at Saint Leo University, a Catholic liberal arts college in St. The only abstinence required, he says, is refraining from eating meat.Bismarck Chau, pastor at Saint Patrick's Pro-Cathedral and St. But given the differing traditions of the two occasions, being that Ash Wednesday requires fasting and Valentine's Day usually involves some sort of festive meal or candy, he suggests a simple rearrangement of the days: Ash Wednesday stays put and Valentine's Day goes elsewhere, by either celebrating a day early on the indulgence-friendly Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday (Feb. But those who want to avoid a conflict with Lent altogether (and would prefer not to go out on a school or work night) may have already marked Cupid's day the weekend before.It's not as if Christians haven't encountered this kind of conflict before: St.

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