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Vivienne passed him leaving the scent of her perfume. Tom’s cock was as hard as a rock and was stuck through the pants. She parted her legs and showed the guy what she had between them.Then she approached to him from behind, pressed her boobs to him and started explaining what wasn’t working in the computer. Vivienne’s warm breast was rubbing against his back, softly and pleasantly. The woman understood the guy was very strained and would never do anything to start what she had come for. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. His saliva made the kiss very wet but he didn’t mind. Lick me…” She took off her blouse and threw it on the armchair.Someone arrived and he had no opportunity to jerk off nicely.He closed the site and went to the door straightening his cock in the pants.After that she took her laptop and went to seduce the young boy.When Tom heard the doorbell he twitched and felt really frustrated.

Looking at the woman’s legs he felt his cock rising again.Watch them finger their pussy, rub their clits and massage their tits - you direct the action and can tell the girls what you want them to do!Cameras are devided into categories so it's easy to go straight to the women you are most interested in!Tom was licking and sucking Vivienne and at the same time he was fucking her mouth as if it was her twat. All the muscles in her pussy shrank, then turned out. Tom kept on holding Vivienne’s legs and licking her cunt.The woman’s mouth was on the point of shouting but no sound was heard as the cock was drilling inside. Tom wasn’t licking her any more being so close to orgasm.

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