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Setelah membahas tentang koneksi Visual Basic ke My SQL, sekarang kita akan mendiskusikan tentang cara membuka data dari server setelah kita terkonek/terhubung dengan server My SQL. Count = 0 Then Exit Sub ' Add all the records in the recordset.

Sebetulnya cara membuka data ini sama dengan membuka ke server-server database yang lain. Langkah pertama yang kita ambil adalah membuat object Recordset dulu. Defined Size * 200, _ alignment End If Next ' Exit if there are no fields that can be shown.

Move Next Loop End Sub Public Function apakah_ada(By Val s Table As String, By Val s Field As String, By Val s Str As String, Optional is Num As Boolean) As Boolean Dim rs_apa_ada As New ADODB.

koding yg saya gunakan sbb: Dim strsql As String If Not (Text3. here is the code I use with the adodc and datagrid Private Sub cmddesc_Click() Adodc1. Record Source = "SELECT * FROM Parts WHERE Location LIKE """ & txtterm. Record Source = "SELECT * FROM Parts WHERE Part Number LIKE """ & txtterm. Refresh End Sub That is all the code there is to the program The program has four "search buttons" and a text box txtterm that they enter a term into for the search.Record Source = "SELECT * FROM Parts WHERE Description LIKE """ & txtterm. There is also 1 adodc "adodc1" that has all it original default values except for connectionstring visible and datasource the connection string is set to a dns file i setup to work with the mysql database using the myodb driver, visible is false, and the datasource is set to "SELECT * FROM Parts".Recordset, _ Optional Max Records As Long) Dim fld As ADODB. Field, alignment As Integer Dim rec Count As Long, i As Long, fld Name As String Dim li As List Item ' Clear the contents of the List View control.

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