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According to the historical records, however, the temple was built around the 7th century AD.

During that period, the region was under the rule of the Pandyans, a dynasty of native Tamil origin.

It was the king of this dynasty who commissioned the construction of the first Meenakshi Amman Temple.

The original temple, however, was plundered and destroyed during the early 14th century (in 1310 to be exact), following the Islamic invasion of the south, which was led by Malik Kafur, a prominent general of the Delhi Sultanate.

Nevertheless, the original temple was built during an earlier part of the region’s history.

Ancient Tamil literature claims that the original Meenakshi Amman Temple was constructed around 2500 years ago by the survivors of the Kumari Kandam, a lost continent which may be identified as the Tamil equivalent of Atlantis.

The Meenakshi Amman Temple is an important Hindu temple located in the city of Madurai, which is situated in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.Follow Jordan’s desert highway to the Shara Mountains, and tour 2,000-year-old ...Read more Location: Amman, Jordan Duration: 12 hours (approx.) Be adventurous and book a day tour to the Valley of the moon from Dead Sea.It was only around the middle of the 16th century that the Meenakshi Amman Temple was rebuilt.By this time, most of Tamil Nadu was under the rule of the Nayak Dynasty.

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