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MYIR is using the 14 x 14mm, 0.8 mm ball pitch, 289 MAPBGA package i.MX6UL application processor on the MYS-6ULX-IND board which provides multiple compatible options of G0, G1, G2 and G3 sub families.AAF - Advanced Authoring Format - a standard used in production/postproduction ABSolute - Qualcomm's proprietary encoding for digital cinema. AC-3 - same as Dolby Digital Academy Curve - Attenuates higher audio freq. See Nyquist Alpha Channel - B&W Image used to define parts to knockout from an image.alternative content - content other than the movie - live shows, sports, etc shown in digital cinema AM - Amplitude Modulation. AMLCD - Active Matrix LCDAmorphous Silicon TFT - slower transistor technology used in most LCD TFT panels.in old movies to reduce noise from older systems ACAP - Advanced Common Application Platform = MHP OCAP DASE for i TV (ATSC std)ACAP-J - Procedural ACAP Java application ACAP-X - declarative ACAP XHTML application (optional). Database showing with servers have access to a service. See Poly-Silicon ANA - Association of National Advertisers. Often in Javaappointment TV - TV show that is so popular people will make sure they watch it when first broadcasted APS - Analog Protection System (eg. APTEL - PLC for South America ARIB - Assoc of Radio Industries & Businesses (Japan) - has i TV standard based on GEM.Video captured at 24p, recorded as interlaced segments2.5G - Almost 3G, offers moderate data over mobile wireless (e.g.

See SDTV, EDTV4A's - American Association of Advertising Agencies4C - "4C Entity.

The MYS-6ULX-IOT functions which has further enhanced the performance of MYS-6ULX board.

MYIR will offer optional LCD modules, Camera module, GPS module and GPRS module to add functionality to the boards, which would be a complete embedded system. MX 6Ultra Lite processor family featuring an advanced implementation of a single ARM® Cortex®-A7 core, which operates at speeds up to 696 MHz.

Lets DP tell DI in Post desired color grading decisions Achromatic - Having no hue. DVD RW scheme for encoding data in the "wobble" registration area Admission control - Qo S method that works by gating network traffic. Advanced Simple Profile Adds to Simple Profile MPEG4 better motion compensation, better video AGC - Automatic Gain Control, used to try to adjust for variations in signal amplitude where needed AES - Audio Engineering Society AE - Automatic Exposure (cameras)AES - Advanced Encryption Standard. Ag X - Silver Halide (photo film)AIFF - Audio Interchange File Format. Artifacts - image distortion caused by video compression imperfections ASA - measure of capture sensitivity. An IC design for one purpose, but for multiple companies ASTB - Advanced STB. AU - Audio file format for sound clips on the Internet, compatible with Windows and Mac Audio-Follow-Video - when audio and video are separated, allows audio to travel with video stream Authoring - Transferring processed video onto a medium, such as DVD or CD, including menus, etc.- equipment within an authorized domain are allowed to decode protected content Auto PC - Microsoft's Win CE system for telematics AV - Audio Video AVC - AV Control for device control (e.g.

Might included DVR, Internet, and other features besides basic TV viewing ASV - ATSC - Advanced Television Systems Committee, U. DTVATTC - Advanced Television Technology Center, tests terrestrial DTVAttenuate - To reduce. a camcorder) via 1394AVC - Advanced Video Codec, jointly developed by ITU, ISO, IEC.

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