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The research tradition on these themes dates back to the 1970s, which was when such classic studies as Lasse Murto's Asunnottomien alkoholistien elinolosuhteet ja elämäntapa sekä yhteiskunnan toimenpiteet [Living Conditions and Lifestyles of Homeless Alcoholics and Societal Interventions] (Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies 1978) were carried out.

In addition to research on homelessness, the Department' has a long tradition of studying crime and law-breaking.

Marginalisation and, linked with it, social disadvantage, are issues which have become political, which is why it is impossible to avoid ethical and moral concerns when studying them.

Marginalisation research provides a contribution to societal debate, attempting to deconstruct the cultural definitions and understanding of life at society's margins.

Kysymys marginaalisaatiosta koskettaa näin ollen vahvasti sosiaalityön professiota.

Marginalisation is often linked with the experience of being outside the mainstream, and it may also be linked to social disadvantage of varying degrees.

As to research methodology and methods, marginalisation research relies on the tradition of research into social work practices and interaction, which is strong at the Department of Social Policy and Social Work.

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Marginaalisessa asemassa korostuvat vaativa arki yhteiskunnan reunalla sekä yksilön kohtaamat vaihtoehdottomuudet ja kontrollitoimet.

Tutkimuksessa tarkastellaan myös viimesijaisia, tukea ja kontrollia tuottavia auttamisjärjestelmiä kuten miesten ja naisten asuntoloita, erilaisia tuetun asumisen muotoja, kriminaalihuoltoa, ja lastensuojelun laitoshoitoa.

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