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Watching, captured by soft movement lulled, deceived, seduced he is thirsty, he hungers takes the rich red wine, drinks deeply the sweet taste of nature's fruit upon his tongue She turns her head deliberately, to stare, to challenge. Please, stay and rest, there is no need to hurry, there is no need to be afraid.' The man sits by the table, drinks deeply again. 'I have come as you say, for I am curious as to your allure, but first, please tell me why you have sent for me, why do you want me so? I bear knowledge of great importance to humanity - of what is Real, of how we are able to touch and feel.' He says the words, wanting to believe in them, seeking comfort But she mocks him, for she understands him.

Excited/fearful, the man looks upon the women, beauty binds his gaze, powerless he watches her eyes are cool and dark, darkness, he falls, senses lost he closes his eyes. 'You may rightly know the truth of matter, that we are formed from waves in Space. But man is more complex again than this matter from which he is made.

Mann, Cindy Carver, Jon Martin Description: She was a woman with an insatiable hunger and he was a detective with all the right moves.

When a mysterious blond (Seka) enters the Hollywood office of private eye Mark Lowe, his sex life changes forever! Jill Ferari, Richard Pacheco, Laurie Smith * Scene 6.

During the course of his investigation, Mark finds that the mere description of the dildo arouses the passions of any and all women.

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Starring: Seka, Angel, Gina Carrera, Rachel Ryan, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco, Laurie Smith, Billy Dee, Rene Lovins, Jill Ferrari, David Friedman, Erica Idol, Joy Cummings, Dan T.

how a Woman Exists as Matter in Space and thus their Connection to Man, Child, Sexuality, Nature, Society, and Cosmos.

Philosophy-Art-Truth - On the Philosophy of Art and the Art of Philosophy. Classic Art Pictures, Quotations from Famous Philosophers / Artists on Beauty, Truth and Art Philosophy-Love-Sex-Orgasm - On the Evolutionary Foundations of Love, Sex and Orgasm: Sex as Reproduction, Couple Bonding, Evolution of Immune System.

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Although all residents call themselves Maltese, people on Gozo also are called Gozitans.

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  1. “A way to some people’s hearts is through their stomachs,” says Dr. Though this one is dependent upon whether or not the weather agrees, it’s super playful.