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If you are an alt-aholic like I am, this is the big draw; you can make four different characters and play them all at once as a group, instead of the previous NWN2 games where there is just you and then all the preset minions (fyi- when I say “prior games” below, I am referring to NWN2 and NWN2 Mo B).This of course is how they make the previous ‘useless’ skills much more important (the first two minions you meet are a druid and a ranger so if you want to have either of them fill that role your core four PCs do not need to go that way).” “Aye, it seems we have a similar problem, don’t we? “I know dragon goddess created humans, and I also know that if great noble warrior needs dragon to ride, and if future Emperor needs country to rule, then great ruler and great warrior should speak more about these things at the palace.” asked the Soldier playfully, while getting dressed and joining the boy in a bout of giggling. If I tell you about the dragons here, will you come with me to my palace and ride one for my future army, maybe even lead my future army, noble warrior?“You,” called the boy to the Soldier, who had caught him by pure happenstance. ” “I am a Dragon Blade,” responded the Soldier, as much fascinated by the human child as the child was with the Soldier’s wings. ” “I am human, yes, but I am not a child,” said the boy while reaching down to inspect the Soldier’s clothing which the Soldier had carefully in military fashion laid out beside the river bank, before handing the clothes to the Soldier who had made his way to the bank.“I am the First Emperor Qin of China, a place I shall create in due course and you will address me accordingly; but what is Dragon Blade?I played it through with a human wizard who took all the Fey heritage feats, an elven swashbuckler (to try the class, I liked it overall), a human cleric/doomguide (trying that one as well, good but there aren’t that many undead in this game, it might be more interesting to use a doomguide in the original campaign), and a tiefling rogue (who actually lead the way on the overland map most of the time since that toon had the highest Hide skill and I didn’t want to have to grind every mob).

It is said the bond between dragon and his/her rider is a strong and magical one.” Fascinated, the Soldier accepted his clothing from the boy, thinking to himself that mortal humans were a curious species before responding to the boy’s question, courteously bowing but with a playful smile on his face: “a dragon blade is an elite warrior, one who rides and fights on a dragon; but how can one be First Emperor of a place not yet in existence, young master?” The boy thought on this momentarily, giggling, before mimicking the Soldier by bowing with an identically playful smile on his face, and asking: “and how can one be elite Dragon Rider when there is no dragon to ride, noble warrior?These dragons appeared out of curiosity, as they were curious to find out more about these new beasts called humans. Fort (thanks to Rage, which helps out Will Save, too); with UMD (always nice on a melee build) and a nice enough skill set, too.On finding that humans could think and speak, these dragons were delighted, with some generously sharing their teachings. WITHOUT any further Ado, please meet: SOLDIER (Dragon Blade), the Dragon Rider Barbarian(28), Bard(2), Red Dragon Disciple(10) Race: Half-Orc (Darkvision) Alignment: Any Non-Lawful (Theme: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, or Chaotic Evil) I.

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