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With Niagara Falls only a stone’s throw away, a bevy of original restaurants and hipster breweries to choose from, and a close-knit, welcoming LGBTQ community, Christina Holdsworth—a 33-year-old lawyer born and raised in Buffalo—is more than happy to tell you about her city.People in Buffalo are friendly by nature and that holds true for the gay community as well.Wolcott discusses how, as black migration and white flight increased spatial segregation in American cities, teenagers sometimes found themselves on the front lines of the mid-20th-century racial conflict.

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At first glance, because Buffalo is so small, people might feel like there’s not a lot going on here in the LGBTQ community. You just have to know where to look and do a little more investigating that maybe you’d have to do in a bigger city. I think you’d have to go pretty far outside of the city and Western New York to find a place that isn’t. As a lesbian, there’s no specific lesbian bar to go to.

There may be some pockets here or there but overall I think it’s incredibly welcoming. It’s a monthly get-together where a group of LGBTQ individuals crash a straight bar or club at a different location throughout the city. Paradise Wine in downtown Buffalo is a great place for liquor and whiskey. I mean, I’m sure it’s a challenge in every city but because we’re a smaller city you end up knowing everyone. On the plus side, being single you really can hang out anywhere because you’re just as likely to meet an eligible guy or gal in a straight bar as a gay bar.

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On the Western edge of New York State, you’ll find a small-town lakeside city that is mostly known for its record snowfall and savory chicken wings. When New York legalized gay marriage in 2011, the Queen City quickly became a viable wedding destination for LGBTQ folks across the country.

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