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He was from New Hyde Park, NY and was probably the most unmilitary guy most of us ever met. If you would be so kind..feel it's appropriate...leave his name on the list in . I'd be happy to correspond with anyone who's looking for him.Maybe you remember him..who met him did..ran the maintenance operationsin real life that is) he just had that knack combined with his NY instincts to be able to get the important things done (conventionally or otherwise- - -more often otherwise). I just know there are a lot of guys out there who remember him and don't have a clue who I am. I'm sure there are lot of guys who wonder "Whatever happened to Al I have thought and thought about my brother and I have finally decided that the thing that was best about David was this.He retired from General Cable in the early 90s but didn't like retirement much so he then began work at Clayton Mobile homes and there he was the service manager and traveled all over Texas and Oklahoma.He worked there for 5 years and then decided it was time to retire for real.Whenever I wasn't flying with 1st Platoon or working the night shift in operations I used to fly Pat's front seat whenever I got the chance. I wore my veteran's cap with my Lieutenant Colonel Charles "Ace" Drummond Jr., died in Monterey, California of a stroke shortly after surgery. He was recalled to active duty in 1951 for the Korean War. He served as a pilot with the 48th Assault Helicopter Company from November 1968 thru November 1969. The family received the flowers from the 48th AHC along with all the e-mails that the Charlie Tuttle and his wife attend and pay their respects.He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant, Armor Branch, where he was a tank platoon leader and paratrooper. He was able to attend the Fixed Wing Aviation Course in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.(The Army also wanted him for his skill as a football player! His class was told, outright, that one black would graduate from the class to become a pilot.

He eventually made it up to Vice President of Arkansas Bank & Trust (ABT for short). Army Rotary Wing Flight School Classes 68-17 and 68-29. This was one of the hardest things I ever had to do as I really loved this guy. I performed a formal Vietnam Veteran's ceremony at the wake and spoke about the times Tony and I shared as friends in the Army and in the States.During that time he used his helicopter experience to do crop dusting.Later he enjoyed operating the large baler, harvesting alfalfa.

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