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This kind of approach may boost their ego and self-confidence, but it only works for so long before it just becomes a crutch.

A lot of people who have a relationship addiction don’t even realize it affects them.

Once they repeat this pattern and gain the same results, before too long, serial monogamy becomes a habit.

[Read: When nothing makes you happy, make happiness your default state] But often they don’t realize the reason most of these relationships never seem to work out is because they have no breathing space between each partner.

You constantly find yourself wanting hugs and kisses and tenderness, and you love it when someone looks at you through the smoke screen of puppy love.

10 ways to find out if you have a relationship addiction Simply gaining your sense of self-worth from someone else’s love and affection alone can be pretty damaging to your ability to truly connect to another human.

Relationship addicts need to learn to love themselves first, instead of looking for self-love in other people.

Instead you’d rather have someone you know who will stick around after sex for the first time.

The challenge isn’t necessarily in the chase for you.

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They latch on to someone new hastily, fearing no real repercussions, and detach just as easily.

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