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If you prepare a list of all of your questions, bring it with you to the consultation. We want your help to put together the history of your case. Even before the parties try mediation, they can simply have a meeting with both parties and both attorneys and try to work things out. Our retainers vary from case to case, depending on the issues we believe may be involved in your case.

For more information on mediation, see this article: Q. Virginia Cornwell has been practicing family law since 1999. Most family law cases are not flat fee cases, they are hourly cases, and the number of hours depends on the case.Likewise, don’t mail, fax or deliver any documents or information until you have spoken to a member of our office and they have confirmed we do not have a conflict of interest. You can use the Contact or Request a Consultation form to e-mail us.If phone is just not possible, we can try Skype, or Face Time. Once I have set an appointment for a consultation, what documents should I send you?In addition to numerous other requirements (how long the attorney has practiced law, how much of the attorney’s practice is family law, additional continuing legal education classes, recommendations of peers, judges and/or magistrates, being in good standing, etc.) , to become an OSBA Certified Family Relations Specialist, an attorney must take and pass a written exam administered by the Ohio State Bar Association covering multiple areas of family law in depth, including: Q.If I request a consultation, does that mean I have to hire you? It means that you have questions that you would like us to answer for you, and you did not find the answer on our website. Should I send you an e-mail, documents or information about the facts of my case?

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How long do I have to live in my county to file for divorce?

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