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In other words, the jars had been made in area of Jerusalem, which was certainly far away.

Among the inscriptions were a blessing and religious texts.

The excavation showed that Kuntillat Ajrud was what's called a "single-layer site," meaning, it had been occupied for just one period, which the excavators dated to the late ninth century or early eighth century B. Structure-wise, the excavators only found two fairly simple, unimpressive structures. At first the archaeologists thought that the place was a military fortress.

The extraordinary discoveries made at Kuntillet Ajrud, an otherwise nondescript slope in the northern Sinai, seem to undermine one of the foundations of Judaism as we know it.Later, in 1902, a Czech orientalist and explorer, Alois Musil but was attacked by local Bedouins who claimed that he was defiling a holy site.Exploration would only resume in 1975, by the Tel Aviv University archaeologist Ze'ev Meshel, as a collaboration between the university and the Israel Exploration Society. Meshel estimated that it had been occupied very briefly, 25 years at most.The hill lies 50 kilometers south of Kadesh Barnea and 15 kilometers west of the ancient Darb el-Ghazza route, which led from Gaza to the Read Sea's Gulf of Eilat.Its unique qualities were first noticed in 1870 by the British explorer Edward Palmer who discovered a fragment of a clay jar, a pithos, marked with the Hebrew letter aleph.

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