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I’m happy for her and have been tasked (as the only other woman in our group) with picking a going away present.

A little sexist, but I appreciate her so much I’m happy to have the opportunity. ) However, the typical man gifts like fancy pens or watches don’t fit either.

Prior to this job, I worked in mostly woman-dominated industries, and massages and nice perfumes were the norm of going-away gifts. Get her a gift certificate to an especially nice, special-occasion-type local restaurant, in an amount that would cover two people there. While I don’t think a gift certificate for a massage is offensive, per se, I do think it’s a little … (That said, I did once book a massage for an employee and had it charged to me.

But I knew her really well and knew it wouldn’t be weird.) Go with the restaurant thing.

Separately, tell her directly how much you appreciate what she’s done for you.

Edison, for example, makes their pens out of acrylic blocks that come in a huge variety of patterns and colours, and the workmanship is simply incredible.

Don’t think that because a pen is made from wood or metal it’s automatically better – in fact it may even be inferior to a plastic pen and may not last as long. I’ve been caught out buying a pen I thought was cheap, only to find it was that cheap because the nib was STEEL, not GOLD. Also be on the lookout for pen brands that try to market you features that are simply untrue: These pens are some of my personal favourites and most, as you can see, will not cost you a mint to purchase.

Even e Bay is a well-trusted source of great pens at great prices.

Don’t let the stigma of online shopping prevent you from buying a great pen off there, but do take some caution before shopping with a retailer you’ve never dealt with before.

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