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The next category, Responsibilities, really speaks to the new wave of expectations surrounding corporate involvement in the community and the environment.

Whether from consumers, the media, NGO’s or even employees, there is clearly pressure being put on companies to be active and engaged in society – with reputation, loyalty and credibility at stake.

Yet it was the third ‘R’ – Rewards – on which Bob focused.

And voila – the business case for CSR in a nutshell!

Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld of the Orthodox National Synagogue in Washington led the dance as he and his congregants sang, showed some classy steps and formed a circle that snaked around the tables.

I even had a kosher meal.” At one point, he left his table at the Carl Morgan Convention Center and grabbed hands for the Hora, a popular Jewish dance dating back centuries.

Temple Mishkan Israel President Ronnie Leet presented Herzfeld and other leaders of the visiting group with a small ceramic likeness of the house of worship.

Larry Brook, publisher of Southern Jewish Life magazine based in Birmingham, said the lively service he had just witnessed Friday night was not dissimilar to animated black Baptist church services.

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Not surprisingly, the biggest area of CSR reward comes from the eco-efficiencies created in sustainability programs (i.e.: saving water, reducing waste, etc). Interestingly enough, the second biggest reward opportunity comes through employee engagement in CSR programs.

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