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With all of those voices harmonizing into one beautiful note, a simpl...

In the heart of the city, the most outrageous music festival is bursting with cool bands from all parts of the fantasy world.

Whether it is a home- organized karaoke night, or it takes place in ...

Everyone's always surprised and happy when the black lights turn on!All your favorite friends from My Little Pony are organizing a fun rock concert, so get tickets for a fabulous time with good music. They have new microphones, a guitar and a big piano. The battle of the bands is tomorrow, and Sherry is looking forward to shredding on her awesome electric guitar for all of her fans to see.What is more, you can choose how to mix their songs and record t... They want to make a great impression with their first dance and they could use your help. Sherry and her band have won the battle of the bands for ...This cute choir singer has been in the church choir for years.She learned how to exercise her voice around veteran choir members, and they've helped find her leading roles in the hymns at church ... It is the perfect chance for people to show their singing skills, and besides that, it is tons of fun!

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