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So what Errol wants, Errol gets.” Walter Winchell writes that “whenever a press agent sends me a romance item, I figure he lifted it from some other column I haven’t read.

But maybe you haven’t either, so Paul Brinkman, Jeanne Crain’s estranged is dating Gia Scala, and that’s nice work even if it’s been reported elsewhere.” Winchell reports “Gia Scala (former Girl Friday to Cholly Knickerbocker) will knock the “What’s Her Phone Number?

“Just my luck, a police car was right there when the accident happened. I just had a couple of glasses of champagne with a doctor who is treating my mother.

concerned about the health of her mother, she starts to cry while live on air on "The Steve Allen Show." Some viewers think it is a clever bit of “attention grabbing” on her part. She prides herself on her cooking, always finds time to wash her sports car, lives in a north Hollywood duplex with her mother, and makes her own hats. Her mother is a painter, and she shares this interest, keeping an easel and oils always at hand.

She insists she is not interested in marriage at the moment, and is partial to deep discussions, her friends calling her "little philosopher." she aims to find film success without depending on her physical elements, something that helped her countrywomen. But, she can't escape it-her form is one of her assets. She gave her real name as Giovanna Grazia Guiseppina Katerina Scolglio and said she was born in England.

kisses a photo of President Dwight Eisenhower in Hollywood after taking her exam for U. It takes about 30 days from examination to citizenship. She sullenly refuses to post bail when first picked up in the Pacific Palisades area, where sports car skidded into a house.

Walter Townsend, postmaster at Universal City, is bid Godspeed by four film lovelies as he heads for the postmasters’ convention.

The four well-sacked beauties are Mara Corday, Gia Scala, Dani Crayne, and Jane Howard.

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