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In front of the nation, they acted out the relationship between God and Israel. Hosea even had to pay to take Gomer back, perhaps because she had debts, was a shrine prostitute, or was a slave. If you skipped this application, please consider doing it. With the love that a husband may bear to the woman who is mother of his children, but who has shown herself worthless or abandoned, so God still loved, and wooed, and sought to reclaim.Just as Gomer chased after other men, Israel chased after other gods. He gave her love she had in no way earned--the very definition of grace or mercy. All this was set forth in Hosea’s sad personal history.C H Spurgeon: Faith's Checkbook, Morning and Evening F B Meyer: Our Daily Walk, Our Daily Homily Our Daily Bread, Today in the Word Hosea 1:1-5 TODAY IN THE WORD Italian restorers are using modern technology to refurbish two magnificent bronze, Greek sculptures found more than twenty years ago off Italy's shore. Hosea did not know that she was capable of infidelity.The two classical masterpieces were cleaned when they were first discovered. But God did, and He permitted His servant to pass through the suffering that he might understand the Divine heart. There is no reason to think that Gomer had fallen into sin before Marriage, nor in the early days of marriage. Hosea was married to Gomer, and children were born; and as they came, they Were named in such wise as to show the prophet's sense of the national outlook.Hosea's firstborn, Jezreel, was a reminder of judgment. Imagine that the unfaithfulness was not a one-night stand, but a long affair. We have asked this question to highlight the incredible love of God.Many years earlier, God's judgment was incurred by Jehu's killing Ahaziah, a descendant of David, at a town called Jezreel. Imagine further that your spouse wasn’t very repentant and was even rather open about what he or she was doing. When we–His people–are unfaithful, spurning the love of our true Husband, He continues to love us. That’s the picture we see in the lives of Hosea and his wife Gomer.

But His love is not soft or sentimental, for the overriding message of Hosea is extreme judgment for extreme disobedience. Apply the Word In light of today’s passage, we need to ask an important question: do we worship anyone or anything other than the one true God? Affirm your commitment to God today and be prepared to surrender anything that draws you away from Him. Hosea 1.2 These words are important, and must be rightly interpreted if we are to understand their significance.But beneath the surface the nation's core was corroding. Judgment was due--yet God would also remember His promises to Abraham and to David: restoring His people in a glorious future age. Amos’ only training was in the school of fig-tree pruning. While those are numbers from the world, without question adultery is far too common among Christians.God lowered the ""camera"" of His holiness into the soul of Israel and exposed the spiritual adultery of His people. Hosea was to deliver this message in a very unusual way. We all know of its presence and the havoc it wreaks..... But, I want to stress this point: permission to divorce is not a command to divorce.The northern kingdom of Israel in the days of the prophet Hosea was very much like those Greek statues. The nation was enjoying a time of material prosperity under ""Jeroboam son of Jehoash"" (v. - G Campbell Morgan - Life Applications National statistics say that 50–70% of men and 30–50% of women will commit adultery.1) when Hosea began his prophetic ministry in the middle of the eighth century B. Likewise, the military situation was stable, since the Assyrian empire to the east of Israel had given up its western expansion plans--for the time being. In 80% of all marriages, one spouse will be unfaithful.

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