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As the corporate media continued to skew the message of the group to protect their own interests, members of Occupy kept their Ustreams going 24/7, complete with a full set of hosts and personalities who gained notoriety on social media as a beacon for the truth that hadn’t been filtered through anyone else’s agenda.

If Persicope (or Meerkat) want the public to grab hold of their technology and run with it, effective copyright protection methods will be a must for any app worth its salt.The live broadcast can also send out your location, if you’re into that sort of thing.The app also allows for chatting with viewers, and yes/no polling.Meerkat was the first of the new breed of streaming apps, designed to take full advantage of cell networks that can handle video quality higher than that of a moldy potato.Following in Ustream’s footsteps, Meerkat integrates the power of social media right into the core of its platform, allowing Twitter users to chat with streamers, share the video with friends, and even join in on the fun by streaming their own view back at the same time.

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Plus, with all the news of cops confiscating cell phones and deleting entire albums worth of evidence from the scene of the crime, nowadays it’s more important than ever to have a way to get an event out to the eyes of the world as quickly, safely, and effectively as possible.

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