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It is also likely that the hull of the ship had been constructed with "dirty steel," which means that it contained too much sulfur and was therefore weaker.

As a result, T2 tankers like the Pendleton were sometimes referred to as "Kaiser's coffins" and "serial sinkers." Motor Lifeboat was no match for such treacherous seas, some crew members chose not to partake in the mission and instead made themselves scarce.

Not long before their wedding, Gabrielle Union found out Dwyane Wade had fathered a child while they were on a break.

Kardashian pal La La Anthony and hubby Carmelo Anthony have had to duck rumors of major marital discord, and Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett went through, er, some stuff when he retired from the NFL.

"Okay," he said, "I'll marry you." He told her to pick a date and she said July 16 (not April 16).

They wed on July 16, 1950 at Bernie's family's home in Milton, Massachusetts, roughly a year and a half prior to the Yes, Miriam had worked as a telephone operator in nearby Wellfleet.

So, Khloe gave dating James Harden a good try, they had fun, and here's hoping she got the support she needed while she rebounded from her troubles with Lamar.

As Khloe Kardashian already knew, that NBA lifestyle isn't always conducive to balanced personal relationships.

The 31-year-old star and her basketball star boyfriend James Harden have broken up, the long distance ultimately getting to them the way it has gotten to so many couples—famous and otherwise—before.

It happened while the couple was parked in Bernie's old Plymouth on Nauset Beach (not while dancing).

Bernie did initially say, "No," but changed his mind by the end of the date when he dropped Miriam off at her parents' house.

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  1. I met Nick on BBWDating Love and it was by accident really, I had gotten his wink and was writing him a "yeah, you live in Canada" letter but in mid paragraph he popped up and said HI and I thought what the heck its not like this is going to go any where and its nice sometimes just talking to someone who can just be their authentic self for once since I had already written this guy off due to geography (I wasn't looking to relocate that far) we talk and the more get chatted the more I liked him and so after six or so months he flew out and met me and my whole entire family...