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Kenyan band Kenge Kenge has everything you want from a great African band, with their churning rhythms and wild dancers.

SAB tried to enter the East African market in a big way with Castle Lager only to be outdone by Kenya-based and indigenous East African Breweries and had to bow out. It's not about showing only the nice part of Nairobi City where I have grown up and incidentally spent all my years to date.," as his innovative guitar-playing, use of international (particularly Cuban) influences and use of electric instruments made him the first hit-maker of the genre.He was a proud member of the Luo people, and often used his songs to teach Luo history.Yes, we have the largest slum in East Africa, but we also have the most beautiful Hilton there. Nandos, Steers and all those international chains of restaurants have been literally routed out of Nairobi and other cities by indigenous restaurants that sell quality locally sourced cuisines at half the price. Johannesburg has some of the worst i've ever seen but somehow they remain hidden from the media. The city centre of Jo'burg is also one of the most unsafe and dirty. You'll be lucky to walk through unmugged if you're misguided enough to go shopping in town. If you've been to Nairobi lately, you will notice that litering, spitting and smoking in public is illegal.

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